Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Progress Monday 3rd September 2012.

Yet another glorious Monday allowing PWT to weld and regrind the switch blade on the sturgeon at Wirksworth. This switch is destined for Shottle South loop point as the the one in position is damaged at the toe and badly side cut for most of it's length- in other words destined for the scrap pile.

Other PWT jobs include refurbishing the bolts needed to install the aforementioned switch, a little light shunting to recover empty wagons from the car park and lubrication, inspection and FPL check on the ground frames at Wirksworth.

VCT had a positive day at Idridgehay and Jebbs Lane with two fires and much flailing with the Komatsu between Idridgehay and bridge 11.

Bob the builder a.k.a. Dave Newby was busy fitting door frames and doors to the interior stock rooms in the station buffet to prevent stock going walkabout.

Weed kill gang carried out a final cull of weeds from Wirksworth to Callow Park cutting and have now used up this years allocation of weedkiller.

Buffet had a few visitors in the morning to swell the coffers a tad and a positive day was had by all.