Monday, 10 September 2012

Progress Monday 10th September 2012

Back to standard weather today with a mid day charter keeping the PWT 

in the yard at Wirksworth. However much was achieved with the level crossing near the shed extended Southwards, a new drain run excavated alongside the single slip to prevent the switches flooding and then freezing into a solid block of ice this winter, fishbolts freed off on this weekends relay on 2 road, all chairs and screws moved to site for said relay, a start made on the carriage road extension and the ground frames at Duffield adjusted to rectify non compliance after last weeks inspection.

Weed execution team pulled up weeds on the incline and then spent some time winterising there vehicle - anti freeze etc.

Buffet was busy with stock deliveries and customers.

Lots of shunting to free up Ellison the steamer in order to extract from the shed on Tues and making up the coaching stock for Wed charters.

VCT were busy at Hazelwood in spite of their efforts being slightly curtailed due to train operations still managed 2 fires.

A lone personage(Rodney) spent the day at Duffield repairing the mower and cutting the grass.

Another busy Monday


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