Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Progress Wednesday the 6th of June 2012

On arrival at Wirksworth this morning who should be sat waiting in his van but Mr Heap of fixing fire extinguisher fame. Head scratching time to sort out who was going to deal with Mr Heap and who should come driving in the yard but Mr Newby. Oh hello Dave, and how are you this morning - would you like a little job. Any way many thanks to Dave for dealing with this while John Evans was evicted from his bed to attend. Thanks John. With that attended to the Komatsu was run to Shottle to unload ballast from the rudd allowing the last 3 panels in Shottle loop to be jacked and packed.

The bubble car had more attention with the front end painted in primer.

Business in the buffet was brisk.

Dawn Swepstone attended again to deal with further filing and chasing errant volunteers over their competencies or lack thereof. Many thanks to Dawn for keeping this side of our business in order - an absolute requirement given the Health and Safety culture we now live in.

The annual fire extinguisher check was completed with just 4 having to be replaced out of the 40 or so on site. Another big expense for the company with prob no change out of £600 - £700.


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