Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Progress Wednesday 27th June 2012

Dear all
The PWT set off for a very serious day of fishplate greasing and achieved a record 44 pairs representing half a mile of hard work. A great amount of work which brings them within a mile and a half of Idridgehay and resulting in some 40 bolts being replaced. Also on the PWT front Bob and Tony pushed the track recording trolley from Shottle to Duffield and reported another first as the information was downloaded onto computer at Wirksworth the same day for detailed analysis. Modern and Ancient technology in harmony.
Back at base John "Pullman" Allsop completed the lining out of the Up (East) side of the three vehicles and applied the first two Pullman crests which look stunning. There was also further progress with the "Bubble Car" as it nears the application of paint and a welcome return to our operational fleet.
The Filing Fairy has been in go mode with much progress being made with our record keeping. The Booking Hall and Pullman Buffet Car have seen a satisfactory footfall though the day. Tim mowed all the grass between the Incline and Road 3 which looks very well cared for now and Mick Kingsley completed a strim of the embankment at the entrance to Wirksworth which, again, makes the premises look good.
And it was warm!
Photo attached of the new view from the Booking Hall for arriving visitors.