Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Progress Tuesday 26th June 2012

Dear all
A curate's egg of a day as passenger carryings were not world beating but catering were put to the test with a very late request for 30 lunches. This request was in connection with a project undertaken by Derby University students looking at our contribution to the Wirksworth Regeneration project and hosted by Eric Boultbee on our behalf.
Meanwhile the planned service was operated by the Lidgett, Tait and Buckby team efficiently and offering our take on life with its ingredients that seem to work well. Today's service was supported by the Booking Halls at Wirksworth and Duffield together with the EVRA shop that all combine to entertain our visitors. It was good to welcome a visitor from the other EVR, the Eden Valley Railway who collected a great number of magazines and a redundant grass cutter found lurking in the skip.
John Allsop has started to deal with the lining out of the Up, East, side of the Pullman set and Fred & Iris did a welcome clean up of the Mess Hall.
Tony Watt replaced two defective fishplate bolts in the area of footpath F4 and then refurbished 9 bolts for reuse. This, what seems to be, mundane work is essential to the safe running of our trains and I would welcome more participants in this area of work. Without sounding trite, which I confess I am apt to do, all the energy spent in restoring locomotives, carriages and wagons comes to nought if there is no track to run on.
Today also saw another tremendous first as Henry Ellison's boiler had its first steam test reflecting great credit on all involved. The collective view was that it must be 40 years or more when the loco was last in steam. This is not a bad achievement given our rather Spartan conditions and the team deserve three cheers for achieving the impossible. A group photo is attached that shows the team minus Neil and Dave who spent too long over lunch.