Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Progress Tuesday 12th June 2012

Dear all
I am quite lifted by today's activities that represented the first of our Tuesday service days. Passenger numbers were encouraging although the train crew had quite an exhausting day following the failure of the three car set after its first run to Duffield. We then had to press Iris into working both services which gave our team a lot of exercise. Nonetheless, all trains ran to time and the passengers enjoyed their journeys with us. The Pullman Buffet Car achieved a Tuesday best and were kept pleasantly busy through the day. The EVRA shop also reported a steady trade.
Fred & Iris gave the Mess Hall a well deserved clean and the DST reported that, after many weeks of endeavour, Henry Ellison's boiler is now ready for hydraulic testing. Rod and Mary who had been charged with fitting the vacuum brake system on the loco finalised that task today.
The VCT concentrated on completing the "safety" fencing adjacent to the Incline and a short fence to deter the LMSCA from straying inadvertently onto Road 1 and I thank them for these useful additions. Mick K also managed to deal with overhanging growth in the area of Idridgehay station and Mike B gave the Komatsu a good greasing ready for its resumption of trackside flailing.
The PWT "boxed up" seven panels of track on the Shottle loop formation and Doug oiled up a further two wagons there as part of the ongoing maintenance of our fleet.
At Wirksworth the new Information Room was being put into corporate colours and further progress was made with the preparation of the Bubble Car for painting.
Matters were coordinated from the Booking Hall at Wirksworth resulting in a modestly satisfactory banking this evening.
A visit was received from Wirksworth Town Council about diesel fumes at Gorsey Bank and we appear to have access problems onto Shottle platform. All matters that would send the most stout hearted into despair. I live for the day when an unexpected face appears to say "how can I help you, you seem to be doing so much for the community and tourism". Just ducked to avoid a flying pig. I will write when less jaundiced about the pay out by our insurers to a young gentleman and his solicitors after we hosted from a "back to work" scheme in the spirit of the "Big Society" - needless to say our premiums have risen to reward our generosity.