Thursday, 7 June 2012

Progress Thursday 7th June 2012

Dear all
It's a wonder we achieved anything today as it was wet, wet, wet sapping any enthusiasm for our project. Nonetheless, after recovering some material from their Hazelwood base the VCT completed their safety fencing at the base of the Incline and the equally soaked PWT boxed up a further three panels of the Shottle loop. Two of the team then returned to Wirksworth to clear up the Weighbridge and threatened several forms of torture to anyone who deposits "useful" items from their latest garage clearout in their tidied up workshop.
The service train crew carried few passengers and I really felt for the third man who was really soaked by the end of the day and we should all applaud this dedication. The new water tank had some of the residual muck flushed out and the Bubble Car benefited from undercover accommodation as its restoration progressed.
An often unmentioned but equally necessary part of our enterprise was a talk by Neil to Quarndon Women's Institute this afternoon and he should be thanked for continuing to "raise our profile". Jam, Jerusalem and Wirksworth. A lot of stock movements were made to ensure D8001 can enter the Maintenance Facility at close of play tomorrow for some major bodywork repairs.
The Booking Halls at Wirksworth and Duffield together with the EVRA shop tried to tease what money was about out into their tills. The Pullman Buffet Car had quite a good day considering the conditions and impressed a few people that were planning future party visits.
I was greeted too early in the day by a surprise visit from Radio Derby which I hope resulted in a promotional piece being broadcast on the afternoon show next week.