Thursday, 28 June 2012

Progress Thursday 28th June 2012

Dear all
An unusual day when the weather varied between thunder and lightning, hail through to warm sunshine that challenged our working parties to the extreme.
The PWT were the real heroes as they greased a further 22 fishplates in the most unpleasant conditions whereas the VCT, wisely, stayed at home base to give their storage container a makeover yielding untold hidden and forgotten mementos including a delightful two Midland Railway boundary posts which we have decided will look well at Duffield. More painting for Allan!
We also welcomed a regular customer who wished to test a hand held rail flaw detector. They nearly gave up as the rains fell but completed their activities between showers. Disappointingly No3 was failed which caused some urgent conversations with tomorrow's driver experience customers. Luckily all were contactable and damage was limited although, unfortunately, there will be no steam on the Bus Rally Sunday. The DST believe they can rectify the fault relatively quickly which is quite essential as we have another Steam Experience Day booked for a week on Friday.
Much progress was made with the Bubble Car renovation and our dmu fleet was fed and watered for the upcoming weekend. The Watt Bolt Fettling Company was gently refurbishing fishplate bolts for further use and a cheque has been drawn, reluctantly, for a further small supply next week.
The Booking Hall and Pullman Buffet Car traded their wares to a rather small supply of visitors. However, our customer's reprehensive were drawn into the warm environment of the Buffet Car to our benefit.