Sunday, 3 June 2012

Progress Report Sunday the 3rd of June 2012

Dear all,

Well, its probably fair to say we have been very wet today, very wet all
day, very wet from beginning to end. We did, however, have a number of
damp but satisfied passengers, and at least the 3 car set was warm and dry.

Down the yard, the LMS brake van team proceeded with scraping the
interior of the ceiling prior to painting, and with the stove going it
was quite snug. In the Model Railway Container, Field Enterprises
demonstrated the operation of the smallest colour light signals in
Christendom. The DMU team carried on with the fitting of the interior
panels to the central compartment of the class 119. The Duty Conscript,
having usefully removed a random sleeper from the middle of the car
park, and fitted some insulation to the South Weighbridge, then rather
disgraced himself by painting the door of the weighbridge with masonry
paint instead of gloss for which we will be shrinking his privileges
next week.

All the best,