Sunday, 24 June 2012

Progress Report Sunday the 24th of June 2012

Dear all,

After a rather moist start, today cleared up to a lovely sunny
afternoon. The main activity of the day was the opening of our new
multi-million pound station at Shottle, 65 years and 11 days after it
originally closed and on which we have spent £147 (mainly on new signs
and some paint). This compares quite well with the recent study quoting
£25 million for the Amlych branch. In fact we might have overspent, as
we did get a spare "private" sign just in case.

The day was also quite busy from the point of view of the Diesel Weekend
and the class 31 and class 33 top and tailed most of the day until the
class 31 lobbying group ("gricers") asked us to run the 31 singly for
the final train, which in the spirit of good customer relations we were
most happy to do.

Down the yard, the LMS brake van progressed quietly behind the scenes,
but this was the sole "off screen" activity today. I retire now, to the
Whore and Trumpet, A Marstons House, to apply the required embrocation
to sore parts.

All the best,