Sunday, 17 June 2012

Progress Report Sunday the 17th of June 2012

Dear all,

Fathers Day coupled with unusually pleasant weather gave us a rather
busier Sunday than we have had in recent weeks. Many of our passengers
and visitors had come from quite long distances including Australia,
Germany, Sussex and Walsall and we were overwhelmed by positive comments
and some quite extraordinary compliments about our railway from many of

Around the yard, the steam team carried on apace with Henry Ellison and
some modest progress was made with the class 119. Today's awards for
star performances must go, however, to Rob for outstanding efforts in
shunting in preparation for the upcoming Diesel Weekend, even to the
seriously late finish this entailed; and to Tim and Big Nathan for
moving heaven and earth at Shottle in preparation for its first
timetabled service train in 65 years, next Sunday at 10.42.

At Duffield, however, the buzz of activity had more to do with bees in
the Portacabin than with our happy visitors, although I am sure a
solution will be found to this in a very soon moment.

All the best,