Saturday, 16 June 2012

Progress Report Saturday 16th June 2012

Dear All,

Surprisingly good passenger numbers today despite the atrocious 'summer' weather. The first scheduled service to Duffield had to contend with branches, sheep and cattle on the line but still managed to keep to timetable! Our duty conscripts tackled cleaning the interior of the saloon and moved various objects to the appropriate storage facility.

Work continued on the platform at Shottle and the team made good progress. Down the yard at Wirksworth a small band of DMU restorers put up more luggage racks in the class 119. Work continued too on the LMS brake van.

A number of carriages, wagons and engines were shunted in the yard in preparation for next weekend's diesel gala. Both the class 31 and 33 received some fine tuning in readiness for the gala.

In the mess room the Wirksworth soothsayer said his crystal thingy was getting hotter therefore the weather is going to improve soon. So you have it on good authority. Where did I put my sun block?

All the best


PS A big thank you to everyone today who managed to smile, laugh and ensure our visitors enjoyed themselves despite the unseasonal weather.