Monday, 18 June 2012

Progress Monday 18th June 2012

A very pleasant day with the p way team greasing another 24 pairs of plates and preparing 22 pairs of plates with bolts for further cutting of the cwr. Fishplate greasing has now reached Gorsey Bank level xing.

VCT were busy at br 24 cutting and burning trees and hedges right to the boundary and managed 2 fires today.

Balfour paid us a visit in the afternoon to test and photograph newly developed laser measuring equipment. They bought out Laser Rail some time ago but it's been a while since their last visit so let's hope for more business in the future. Another earning day for the railway.

The weed killing gang were out in force and completed a whole line execution of mares tail that seems to abound at the moment.

The Station buffet also saw some business today with Balfour's men giving it a try as well.

Mondays are starting to get busy.