Monday, 11 June 2012

Progress Monday 11th June 2012

Dear all
Monday remains the quietest day of the week except for today! We were very pleased to welcome a charter group from Willesley Castle who travelled with East Midlands Trains from Cromford to Duffield and then enjoyed the luxury of our three car set on the journey from Duffield to Wirksworth. A couple of trips in Iris from Wirksworth to Ravenstor were sampled before lunching in the Pullman, the first time this year that the First Open had been pressed into use. A final Ravenstor trip was provided after lunch for those that wanted to walk up to the Steeple Grange Light Railway which was their next destination. The majority of the passengers elected to travel on the community buses from Amber Valley for their next excitement of a week long exploration of local railways. A great credit to Peter Binks who had put the programme together and suffered the stresses of a group organiser.
Many thanks to Lewis, Chris B and Eric B together with third man understudy Tim who made the group so welcome together with Angela and her team that ensure they were fed and watered.
Support also came from the EVRA shop after a long Bakewell Show weekend and the Booking Hall. The Pullman Buffet also welcome a number of casual visitors as well as some of our own team.
Due to the charter activity we had our first late turn PWT where the Dogfish were loaded in the afternoon and tripped to Shottle in the early evening by No3. Again thanks are due to MKT. Hylton, JHT, David N and Charles Marsden for making this unusual addition to our working hours. In the background Tony tended to some loose fishplate bolts on the "racing straight" and Richard P was in weed control mode dealing with areas around the yard and from Ravenstor to Wirksworth.
Not bad for our quietest day of the week!