Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Progress Jubilee Tuesday 5th June 2012

Dear all
Not too many l's in Jubilee tonight and I trust no unwelcome spam messages will be generated by today's report but I can't be sure!
We concluded four days of intense activity involving quite a large number of our team and today was no exception with the Booking Halls at both ends of the line in action, the dmu and steam train crews together with catering and the EVRA shop. Special thanks today go to Ben who not only acted as third man on the Duffield service but also offered a trolley service on three of these services. The revenue generation over the four days has helped the enterprise at a time when there are exceptional calls on our bank balance which peaks every year in May and June.
Other activities featured as many of the volunteers wanted to get back to work. Tony Watt started this week's track inspection by covering the Wirksworth to Idridgehay section and I am grateful to Mick Kingsley for taking over the strimming from Pat Craft that keeps our banks at Wirksworth in trim. He then joined the rest of the VCT who were tackling the fencing at the base of the Incline. This is a valuable task as it prevents people from the Maintenance Facility inadvertently straying onto the Incline and causing alarm to the Ravenstor service.
The DST had a frustrating day as their efforts to conclude the hydraulic testing of Henry Ellison's boiler revealed a couple of leaks that will have to be fixed before the boiler inspector can be summoned. Stuart showed me some of the work produced in his "machine shop" which are truly magnificent pieces of work and vital components for Henry Ellison's restoration. We are very lucky to have such skills available in house.
The planters at Wirksworth received attention and the Newby team also tended to their Duffield equivalents. The LMSCA made further strides with the body frame work at the north end of the BTO. Nathan and Anton started to implement a well thought out temporary solution to the reopening of Shottle station in advance of the more substantial construction work to be encompassed this winter. With a fair wind they will enable trains to stop there as planned on the summer solstice.
We welcomed a new member of the catering team who will start formally next Monday. Emma Oaks brings a wealth of experience and talent that will further develop our growing expertise in this area.
Lastly, the attached photo shows our new nuclear containment vessel lifted most successfully into place this morning. The vessel also fulfils the role of a major investment by EVRA in working towards a plan to provide adequate supplies of water for steam locomotive operations and they should be congratulated in putting in place a substantial building block for the future with its capacity of 8000 gallons that will satisfy the most thirsty of locomotives.
Once more, many thanks to everyone who put the effort into making the Jubilee holiday a successful venture for us.