Friday, 8 June 2012

Progress Friday 8th June 2012

Dear all
Another day of unrelenting wet weather which is quite depressing as the prevailing conditions are really beginning to harm our ability to earn money that is essential to our continued wellbeing.
Nonetheless we entertained four steam experience customers and two drive a diesel day participants. All were highly complimentary about their welcome and the enthusiasm of Mick and Hylton on No3 and John and Richard on the Class 20. These days, which are quite demanding of our team, do immense work in demonstrating our collective abilities. I am also grateful to John Evans who acted as guard on the morning's steam experience and the afternoon's diesel day. Productive work emerged from both enterprises with the Rudd being returned from Shottle and a fitted van being positioned at Duffield for Mike Evans.
We entertained a customer during the morning who wished to test a hand trolley who normally uses a stretch of track at the National Railway Museum but was frustrated by the Railfest event being carried out at York.
A very nice man emerged yesterday who can properly deal with the disposal of our waste oil and he has now cleansed the premises and several hundred litres of the stuff. It apparently is useful in the heat required for the laying of tarmac when roads are resurfaced.
The Filing Fairy put in an extra day and met with the Operations Manager as we continue to improve our systems and make them more logical. I am sure everyone will appreciate that what we are doing is for our own safety and the demonstration to the outside world that we are quite organised in this area. My thanks go out to Dawn and Tom for the energy being put into this project.
The Pullman Buffet Car and Booking Hall responded well to all our customers and visitors.
A photo is attached of today's steam experience combination with the stove in the brakevan competing with the kettle attached to it.