Friday, 22 June 2012

Progress Friday 22nd June 2012

Dear all
A dank, wet and cold day dampened our spirits but the show must go on.
Our continued revision of our safety documentation culminated in a meeting held this morning with all the Safety Management Review Team attending and I am extremely grateful for the level of participation equalling many man hours.
Preparation for the diesel weekend continued with several test trips on the Incline by the Class 33 with good results. A lone worker in the Weighbridge brought to life our new rail disc cutter and completed the overhaul of the recently acquired rail bender, or Jim Crow as they are often referred to.
We welcomed a coach group from the Birmingham area in less than clement conditions and they were ably hosted by Patrick, Peter B and John R in a pre warmed Iris.
The Booking Hall and Pullman Buffet Car traded in difficult conditions but made a contribution that is most welcome.