Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Progress Wednesday 9th May 2012

Dear all
The day started so well in warm sunshine giving a spring in the step and then went gently downhill to persistent rain this afternoon. However, the track patrols accomplished their tasks between Idridgehay and Wirksworth with a second team tackling the Duffield to Shottle section. The PWT gathered at Shottle to achieve further work on the southern pointwork of the loop project.
At Wirksworth the LCC cleansed the two car set that operated over the Bank Holiday weekend and also completed the refurbishment of the Ladies toilet. She was seen at lunchtime with a very large sandwich, claiming that there was no filling other than butter, but one suspects it was extremely nourishing. Another lone participant was the Head of Gardening quietly attacking the Station garden with no mention of unwelcome deposits today - I may stand corrected on her next visit.
Magnificent news from Duffield as the toilet project was fully completed at 1300 hrs today. This really does reflect immense credit on all concerned who have converted a former mobile telephone mast building into an essential service for our growing number of passengers who will never appreciate the effort put into their comfort stop. They are not content with this milestone but have volunteered to repair the roof of the building where the tiling has been damaged by previous tree felling by the developer. It is now difficult to picture this area before the flats but is was a wild area of scrubland with quite mature trees and evidence of indiscriminate tipping.
The Buffet Car saw an encouraging growth in weekday visitors and the Booking Hall had a web site day with many new products now put on line including our first ever skiffle train. My father told me about Bert Weedon and his Band - must be something of a revival in this form of torture.
I am also moved to report on one of our very unsung heroes, Ernie Marchant, who processes all your share applications, produces the Share Certificates, requests EIS returns from the Inland Revenue and reports to Companies House as is mandated. One of our most reliable "servants" that we rely on and couldn't manage without, achieving a significant amount of work efficiently without complaint.
PS A new but essential group had their first meeting today. Styled as the Safety Management Review Group they are commencing the detailed process of revising all our safety related documentation in the light of the first year of passenger trains operating over our whole line. They have quite a hill to climb and those of you who attend the Railway will not fail to notice their activities over the next few months. Be not afraid, the team are there to help develop a better and safer organisation for ourselves and our customers.