Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Progress Tuesday 8th May 2012

Dear all
Our heroes of the day are Fred & Iris who dealt with an inordinate number of unwashed mugs and plates from yesterday's activities and then gave the Mess Hall a very good clean. I do find it quite foreign that members can't manage to wash their pots after use and leave it to willing, quite vintage, horses to clean up after them, very disappointing!
The VCT continued their efforts at Hazelwood and have now cleared the area from the end of the former platform to the start of the former riding stable for the installation of new fencing. The team also recovered a catch pit where the timbers had been displaced by unwanted visitors and had one fire to burn the results of their clearance activities.
The PWT returned to the Shottle loop project and installed a further panel that spanned the footpath crossing north of the station. This also involved a timber decking for the footpath and adjustment of the topography in the area. The LMSCA continued their trouble shooting on the BTO and found that one of the corner pillars was quite rotten. Remedies are being devised for this setback.
The DTT reported that all three cubicles now have tiled floors and one door needed a further coat of paint rendering the project complete all bar a few tidying up jobs. It is a tribute to the team involved that we now have very adequate facilities at Duffield in place of the temporary, and unpleasant, facilities we had to live with last year.
The Pullman Buffet Car and Booking Hall received a few post holiday visitors and the behind the scenes accountancy dealt with the results of the Bank Holiday Weekend. Comparatives with the year before yield an interesting picture. Remember that we had the splendid steam locomotive in 2011 with all the magic that it brought to the Railway, and the associated costs!, and consider that the fare income this Bank Holiday exceeded last year's take with somewhat lower costs. Interesting!