Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Progress Tuesday 29th May 2012

Dear all
Another epic day with a record of achievement. Whilst writing this commentary I think of Mike and Pat Craft who will be sipping tea and enjoying cucumber sandwiches in the garden of Buckingham Palace representing the Railway and ensuring Her Majesty is in possession of an EVR timetable leaflet and share prospectus. I hope they have enjoyed their day and thank East Midlands Trains who ensured they travelled Up to Town in style. Perhaps they will sample the Champagne Bar before returning to real life.
Back at base the VCT set off for Ken Rowlands crossing before the first charter train journey. Through the day they tackled the area between the crossing and the Sewage Farm overbridge reporting a two fire day. Alan continued his renovation of the railings on DJW19 at Barnsley Lane and applied gloss to milepost 139 1/4. A blast from the past was observed tending to another set of railings south of Barnsley Lane in the shape of he who was formerly known as "Virgin Dave" and now known as "Cross Country Dave" and very good it was to see him back in the fold.
The PWT had to work around today's charters but managed a splendid 12 pairs of fishplates greased on the Incline, a member of the team wished me to emphasize that this was 24 fishplates!
They then went on to replace bullhead keys in the Cemetery Lane area. Essential maintenance jobs done in somewhat difficult circumstances.
A charter was provided for the International Combustion Retired Employees Association with coverage of the whole line and some very happy customers delighted by both the journey and the meal provided in the Pullmans. The DST concentrated on a variety of jobs to aid the finalisation of Henry Ellison's restoration.
Attractive planters were provided by Dorothy to sit outside the Pullman Buffet Car and she had completed the hanging baskets for Duffield Main Line yesterday which all aid to put us in the premier league for presentation. David spent a lot of time today to further refine the top security gate at Wirksworth to good effect reflecting very necessary but largely unnoticed work to keep us as safe as possible from unwelcome visitors.
Having relaxed yesterday to celebrate a few birthdays in the Railway Inn, Shottle I returned today to find that John had completed the third lining out of our Pullman set and a photo is attached. Rupert's premature comments about names reflect a certain impatience but I am open to receive the first £10,000 donation to put any name required on one of the vehicles.
The LMSCA reported, quietly, the deafening effects of needlegunning on the BTO and much progress in reassembling the north end cladding. A further report from yesterday's pw activities was the cutting and replacement of two fishplate bolts at Hazelwood.
Lastly, and with great pleasure, a call was received this evening from John Rhead to announce his engagement after a successful proposal at Port Merion. Many congratulations for a long and happy married life. I suspect uncovered guards turns are not quite top of his priorities at the moment.
That's all for now!