Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Progress Tuesday 22nd May 2012

Dear all
Today's report will resemble a novel due to the number of activities achieved through the day. Joy was unbounded as a customer was hosted by Mick through the day as they tested a couple of machines. One developed a fault which may mean they have extra work for us tomorrow which, of course, we will accommodate in our busy schedule.
The VCT experienced their first day back at Wirksworth as a base and travelled to Barnsley Lane to start the mammoth task of clearing up the "racing straight". Much progress was reported with two good fires in the vicinity of the bridge and some of the ivy was removed from the structure. The adjacent river bridge received Alan's attention to the steel guard rails that had become rusty and unattractive. Mick Kingsley was put to good work with his strimmer on the footpaths at Barnsley Lane, 40 steps and the grassy areas around the Station garage at Wirksworth.
The LMSCA wrestled with the northern corner pillars of the Brake Third Open which had perished after temporary repairs many years ago. The PWT worked away at Shottle jacking and packing a further section of the loop together with unloading the Flatrol of its load of reusable sleepers recovered from Gorsey Bank. This will give us a small nucleus of material for spot resleepering of the "main line".
Under Dorothy's watchful eye the tubs and planters at Wirksworth took on a new Jubilee look with red, white and blue featuring. In the middle of the day Dorothy had a tooth extracted, by appointment with the Dentist across the road, and returned to the task afterwards. Not many people are as dedicated as this - I certainly would have taken to my bed!
Fred & Iris were also in go mode as they cleansed the Mess Hall and then went on to ensure the bedding plants were strategically placed. David N tended to the water heater in the Booking Hall and a leaking joint by the Brewery container.
Geoff Adams found the right end of a paint brush and started the repaint of the Model Railway container and the Filing Fairy was welcomed back after a visit to Poland.
The DST dealt with a weekly service of No3 and made significant progress with the vacuum pipe fittings for Henry Ellison. Further hydraulic testing of Henry Ellison's boiler revealed yet more work to be achieved with this long term project.
The Pullman Buffet Car and Booking Hal benefited from the steady increase in off season visitors including couple from the North Yorkshire Moors Railway which were given our traditional warm welcome.
Just as we thought we had cracked the manning of the Buffet Car one our new recruits handed her notice in today. There is now, again, a vacancy for any or all of the following hours:-
Monday 0900 to 1700 and Tuesday to Friday 0900 to 1330. If there is any interest out there contact Angela on pullman@e-v-r.com before we go back to the Job Centre.
A photo is attached of today's customers enjoying a little light refreshment - it warms the cockles