Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Progress Tuesday 1st May 2012

Dear all
The first day of the fifth month of the year proved to be as dismal as the last four weeks with wind and rain to make life unpleasant for all the team. As ever the show went on with the VCT renewing the fencing at the site of Hazelwood station with advice and guidance from Hingleys, the present occupier. They also burnt a quantity of material at footpath F4, south of Hazelwood, where miscreants had been placing a number of items on the line.
The DST made progress with Henry Ellison and Kathryn but were slightly frustrated by problems with Henry's boiler. The collective brain was applied to the problem and I am sure the solution will emerge.
The PWT report a long an wet day as they connected the south end of the loop and the LMSCA laid the final panel of the BTO's floor.
The Buffet Car had a slightly more successful day and the Booking Hall dealt with the accountancy associated with the previous weekend. The Filing Fairy was in full flood leaving a number of tasks to be achieved during her upcoming two week absence.