Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Progress Tuesday 15th May 2012

Dear all
Just basking in the kind comments about our daily reports printed in Heritage Railway. After eleven years of these ramblings it's quite nice to think they are appreciated beyond our own bubble.
However, onwards and upwards, as the PWT were in go mode, after a little local difficulty with traction at Gorsey Bank, and recovered three Dogfish and one Rudd load of reclaimed ballast for recycling to the Shottle loop project. They also recovered the last of the recovered sleepers from this section and prepared the works train for tomorrow. The British Waterways Board collected 40 garden quality sleepers for a footpath project in Warwickshire.
Another part of the PWT completed the initial jacking and packing of the loop and Doug, the apprentice C&W examiner, took time out to service the Lowmac located there and the Mermaid. These engineering vehicles have oil bath axle boxes that need tending to from time to time and the brake rigging requires oiling and the handbrake mechanism checking.
The VCT have now completed the fencing at Hazelwood station it now awaits the final embellishment that will be attended to be Alan on Thursday. A photo will follow.
The DST gave No3 a boiler wash out with much sludge being released and continued their quest with Henry Ellison's wash out plugs. This has been quite a frustrating part of the project and there is still more work before the boiler can be given an hydraulic test. Fred and Iris returned to the Mess Hall cleaning and I am pleased to report they were not faced with quite so much washing up to do.
Yesterday there was an whole line weed treatment run with many thanks to Tony W and Richard P for undertaking this necessary task. There was a further attempt to resolve the security gate at the head of the station approach at Wirksworth culminating with its rehanging today. The DTT reported that their task is fully complete with the damaged roof tiles replaced and the reported effect is that you would never know the building was ever damaged.
The Buffet Car and Booking Hall had productive days with a growing attendance at the Buffet and a tidy up of the weekend's accountancy in the Booking Hall.
There may be something tomorrow that will delight those who like a steam experience. It will not be known until the locomotive has a fire in it tomorrow morning following the boiler wash out. If all is well No 3 will work our first ever steam hauled ballast train to Shottle needed because of its low axle load to reach the presently unballasted Shottle loop line. The Pullman Buffet Car offers quite a welcome whilst this event unfurls.