Thursday, 31 May 2012

Progress Thursday 31st May 2012

Dear all
As the Jubilee Weekend approaches the weather has become very British, wet and cool. Nonetheless our teams have continued in anticipation of a good earning period. The dmu group have formed up a splendid three car unit which includes E51505 that has received quite a makeover with reupholstered seats, a fine first class area, varnish to the exterior, a startlingly bright yellow end and treatment of the previously flaking roof over the cab. Many congratulations to all involved and to Leigh who has put a good display of before and after photos within the vehicle.
The dmu group have also fed, cleansed and watered the units for the holiday and continued to work on the "Bubble Car" as its restoration draws to a conclusion. Iris was used for a charter to Duffield for a coach company based at Storrington in Sussex. The participants were quite elderly and somewhat infirm but were gathered in and received in our inimitable way.
The PWT concentrated on creating a work zone that would allow activity during the summer at Shottle as regular Tuesday services start operation and the number of charter trains continues to grow. Some 160 metres of safety fencing have been erected at Shottle and the team have boxed up a further 80 yards of the loop. The VCT also coped with the charter operation and had a three fire day between Ken Rowlands Crossing and the Sewage Works bridge burning the remainder of Tuesday's brash and more created today.
Today's charter also produced an opportunity to sell some extra seats to the visiting public which provided much needed extra income. No3 had remedial work to an injector which was placing the plans for the upcoming weekend in jeopardy - my thanks go to the team of three from the DST who resolved the problem.
The Booking Hall, in addition to today's opportunities, processed a further three charter enquiries and the Buffet Car enjoyed a mini boom from the waiting charter customers and a steady trade from the passing trade.
Many thanks to all involved as we are as ready as we can be for the Bank Holiday.
A photo is attached of our ever growing fleet of gleaming vehicles. We know from all our visitor comments that presentation is all and we have yet again moved up a gear! It's an area we don't need to be modest about.