Thursday, 24 May 2012

Progress Thursday 24th May 2012

Dear all
Another day of great endeavour with an initial wait for today's significant customer who had left Glasgow at 0500 this morning and found, on arrival, that they were short of some vital parts. After resolving this with local suppliers and sampling the Pullman bacon butties a decision was taken to recommence at 0730 tomorrow. It's a ill wind!
Meanwhile, an extremely expensive piece of equipment from Amazon was trialled by Richard Preedy to aid the weed control programme. This wonderful backpack, holding 20 litres of treatment, required some discipline to prevent Richard tumbling backwards under the weight. He is now enrolled in a body building course.
The dmu team used the pressure washer to cleanse the below sole bar areas of the two car set and then applied black paint on the footboards producing a significant improvement to the vehicles presentation. It turned out that our new recruit, Tim from Aberdeen, used to paint fishing boats and felt quite at home with his new role. The other part of the dmu team worked to release 51505 back into service and further progress the renovation of the "Bubble Car".
The PWT commenced the lengthy process of fishplate greasing in the Wirksworth station area and Tony tackled some gaps on the Incline where the head of the rail had burred over.
John Allsop returned to continue lining out the Pullman fleet to great effect and the VCT returned to Barnsley Lane to make inroads to our neighbours tree felling activities. Alan concentrated on the railings at DJW19, the river bridge adjacent to Barnsley Lane being a little frustrated when he ran out of paint.
The Booking Hall triumphed with a group booking enquiry from the Branch Line Society which will require an input from all our departments for a large reward. The Buffet Car welcomed a number of guests throughout the day.
We can't complain about the much wished for heat but great credit goes to everyone who moved the project forward and grew pinker or browner through the day.
I am resisting a photo of the lining out, which is wonderful, but do attach a mystery picture of a recent donation to EVRA of the Lion and Wheel. This is a heavy cast piece that may have had a place in Derby. Can anyone identify its provenance.