Sunday, 13 May 2012

Progress Sunday the 13th of May 2012

Dear all,

Quite a pleasant and sunny (though still not terribly warm) day here in
the Ecclesbourne Valley. At Duffield the estate was cut and some
weedkilling carried out. Along the line the passenger service tootled up
and down in its usual quietly punctual way. Back at base a modest number
of visitors kept the buffet staff occupied including the usual Sunday
morning cyclists and a party of four people who referred to themselves
as "Buffeteers", perhaps these are like Musketeers but with pork pies.

Meanwhile down the yard, the steam team proceeded with work on Henry
Ellison and the Class 20 group occupied themselves by painting their
parts. Big Nathan spent the day multi-tasking and in so doing repaired
the south yard footgate, put up a number of shelves in the Booking Hall,
fixed parts of the school path fence and tidied up the south weighbridge
following on from the Duty Conscript and his minder removing the former
dial parts of that weighbridge; although getting power to the angle
grinder appeared to need every extension lead which the Passenger
Department possessed, and one or two it didn't. The catering set also
received electrical attention, and a further, though regrettably
fruitless attempt was made to fix the leaking platform 2 tap.

The DMU group having completed some trimming then proceeded to fit one
of the forward compartment luggage racks into the class 119 and scrub it
with wire wool and Cif to bring up the shine. Indeed, many people have
said there is no railway in the country as famous as ours is for its

All the best,