Sunday, 6 May 2012

Progress Report Sunday the 6th May 2012

Dear all,

A rather too eventful day for a leisurely and almost pleasantly sunny
Sunday. The passenger service bobbled up and down in its usual cheerful
way apart from the odd duff valve, though we were never late. The
Booking Hall was run, respectively, first by the Chairman, then the
General Manager, then the platform staff and then Jake in a masterpiece
of dovetailed organisation, while the Duty Manager attempted to deal
with things being haphazardly lost or siphoned off around the railway.

The DMU team, when not up to their eyes in duff valves, carried on with
the Formica panelling of the front compartment of the class 119. The LMS
brakevan continued to be restored in its usual merry way and the south
weighbridge received further attention from Cooke Enterprises and the
Duty Conscript.

During the rest of the day we appeared to have to contend with lost
dogs, lost keys, lost footings, lost hats and lost glasses as well as
deal with the curiosity of having a toga party in the Training Room. We
were quite, quite exhausted.

All the best,