Sunday, 27 May 2012

Progress Report Sunday the 27th of May 2012

Dear all,

A delightful and indeed rather hot day here in the Gem of the Peak.
Passengers and visitors pottered happily about searching mainly for the
ice cream freezer.

Around the yard, the steam team flanged their main injector pipe and
then greased it, which I do not doubt will improve its performance. The
DMU team fitted a new air-oil bath to the class 119 as part of its
refurbishment and also varnished the down side of unit 51505, which has
brought out its colour wonderfully. The magic musical LMS brake van team
was generally occupied with the ceiling of that vehicle, which will very
soon be a most pleasant and well-turned out addition to the fleet.
Nearby, the painting of the roof of the class 31 proceeded in the
sweltering heat, and an undercoat of finest magnolia was applied to the
east side of the Model Railway Container.

The Duty Conscript carried on with what appears to be his favourite
task, that is the construction of a garden feature (path) to the south
weighbridge. In addition big Nathan demonstrated his creative skills
with pallets. The narrow gauge was also uniquely operational today, as
part of its crew training, and carried several surprised passengers.

All the best,