Sunday, 20 May 2012

Progress Report Sunday the 20th of May 2012

Dear all,

A rather pleasanter day than yesterday, not quite sunny but certainly
dry and almost bordering on the warm. This brought out a modest but
respectable number of passengers to enjoy the valley's spring delights.

In a late report from yesterday, I understand that the LMSCA continued
work on their corner posts in the BTK carriage. Today, around the
station, Smith Enterprises completed the painting of the fence at the
north end of platform 1. The Duty Conscript carried on with painting the
exterior of the South Weighbridge before suddenly having a surprise
creative moment by building a path towards it.

The general painting theme continued, or at least scraping prior to
painting, in the general area of the roof of the Class 31, and Field
Marshall Ben Jackman began the removal of loose paint and rust from the
exterior of the Model Railway Container, which had become trifle tatty:
for as you know, we don't do tatty at our railway.

Down the yard, the DMU team proceeded with engine repairs to the class
119, whose restoration now proceeds apace, and inside this vehicle more
trim and skirting was added by Gration's Woody Boys. Indeed a passenger
remarked how wonderful it was to see so many young people working around
the railway. Well, we do like to keep them off the streets.

All the best,