Monday, 21 May 2012

Progress Report Monday the 21st April 2012

A nice sunny day for a change with the up side of the line from Idridgehay to Duffield treated with weed killer.

The ground frames at Duffield and Shottle have had their monthly oil and inspection with the komatsu and oxy cutting equipment returned to Wirksworth.

Further attention to our steel barrier at Wirksworth means this facility is now operational again so can the last person off site make sure it closed and locked on departure.

The station buffet has had a few customers today basking in the sunshine.

It is with pleasure that I can announce that after receiving a further generous donation the rail bender fund now stands at £5040 which means we are now in a position to purchase - many thanks to everybody who contributed.

Having heard the horrifying news of the death of a member of one of our fellow railways our sympathy (and I'm sure I speak for all of us here )goes out to the family and friends, and , to the other members of staff and volunteers who must be feeling devastated. We can only say we are are thinking of you.

It is a terrible reminder of how dangerous an industry we work in at a time when most people now work in offices , shops and at home the railway industry along with the remnants of our other heavy industries  can still take a toll on our lives in an instant - please be careful out there.