Friday, 25 May 2012

Progress Friday 25th May 2012

Dear all
What an unexpectly busy day its turned out to be. We had scheduled a Steam Taster day and a charter to Duffield and return within which we had to weave in a test day as yesterday's customer had some difficulties with their equipment on arrival with us.
As Mick was today's No3 driver, Charles Marsden stepped into the breach to host our test customer and I am very grateful for his contribution. The test vehicle and accompanying Landrover had to leave early for Duffield to be back in time to free the line for the charter and then complete its work on the Incline in between the morning and afternoon Steam Taster clients.
All turned out well thanks to everyone's cooperation and the charter customers were treated to a great deal of extra activity. They took tea and biscuits before their journey and returned for a hot lunch afterwards making reasonable contributions to fares, the Pullman Buffet Car and the Booking Hall shop. Mick and JHT had a torrid time on No3 as temperatures soared and will certainly sleep well this evening.
There was further varnishing at Duffield and electrical work at Wirksworth. Alan Taylor continued his renovation of the railings on DJW19, just north of Barnsley Lane, and prepared and undercoated milepost 139 3/4. Anton found a window to apply a little paint to Model Railway container. The VCT Landrover has been serviced including a new starter motor and the doors now close in the fashion of a Rolls Royce, a soundless click, we do spoil them.
A face some of you will remember, Charles Roberts, has decided to holiday at the Malt Shovel for a few days - wise man.
Stripes on the Pullman Second Open are shown with thanks to John Allsop