Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Progress Wednesday 11th April 2012

Dear all
A day where the weather was quite fickle with most of the hours sunny, if cold, deteriorating into the present conditions of rain and hail. Nonetheless, the PWT continued their scrounging of serviceable components for the Shottle loop project. This involves quite a tedious recovery and replacement of good components for less good components reflecting our inability to fund fresh sources of this equipment. Credit is due to Mick Thomas for coordinating a labour and machine intensive but least cost solution.
The Buffet Car enjoyed a steady trade though the day and our latest recruit bakes a fine scone for the genuine Derbyshire Cream Tea. John continues his snagging work to complete the refit project.
The DTT were in action and have largely completed the Ladies which will open tomorrow. The Head of Gardening was present and muttering about dandelions but the area under her control looking most attractive whilst the sun shone.
A report from the VCT after yesterday's communications problems confirmed that they had completed work between Idridgehay and Shottle, for the time being, and also between Postern Lodge and Hazelwood. They had a team of eight and burnt a great deal of brash.
The Booking Hall achieved a new look as its mixed role as a purveyor of food and gifts draws to an end with a fix on quality souvenirs for our passengers taking precedence. The new range of mugs should please a number of our team as well as visitors. The Class 33 group should be well pleased!, as they say.
A lot of behind the scenes preparation for tomorrow's HST excursion from St Pancras has been done and I just hope the rain holds off.