Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Progress Tuesday 3rd April 2012

Dear all
A massive shunt today with Chris, Matt, Eric and Robin coordinating the activity saw the First Open moved adjacent to the Second Open to unite our three newly liveried vehicles together. This was a task that involved a lot of stock shifting and included the clearance of the Car Park of the Dogfish and three, now empty, flat wagons. The end product really delivers the "wow" factor as people arrive on site to see a three coach Pullman train.
It was day two of our Pullman Buffet Car and there was a steady trade to sample the "all day breakfasts", bacon butties and freshly made sandwiches convincing me that this adventure will work. Our customer today demonstrating surveying equipment also was tempted by the pleasant smell emanating from the Buffet and consumed bacon and sausage sandwiches. A very well done to the new catering team who are working in a still incomplete premise whilst the fitter is poorly.
The PWT completed the resleepering between Wirksworth and Idridgehay, or used up all we are going to buy in this financial year, and returned at a fairly early hour satisfied with their endeavours.
The Pullman Buffet benefited from the attentions of the Cooke household and now boasts tasteful curtains and blinds. June has pursued a determined approach to our standards of presentation and I am extremely grateful for all her hard work ably supported by her family. Embarrassing picture attached.
The DST concentrated on Henry Ellison as the boiler endured water pressure testing, caulking of the firebox and design work on the boiler clothing. The VCT report that they have reached "Willow Crossing" footpath on the approach to Shottle with so splendid four fire day, fence repairs and a strong team of seven people. Upon Allen's return there was a little debate about how many of the team enjoyed free TV licences. Quite a few were identified which says a lot for the health giving properties of working on vegetation clearance. We await the first telegram from the Queen that will be delivered by liveried messenger to a location only located by an ordnance survey reference.
The Filing Fairy pursued her determined approach our record keeping submitting Stuart to the third degree today. The last event today was the arrival of a very large black tank funded by EVRA which has been placed on the Wash Green dock as part of the upgrading of our water supplies for steam locomotives. This is a most significant event and represents Vera's determination to raise our game in this area.
The DTT carried on with their vital project by completing the cut out of the former telephone mast plinth and being ready for the laying of a concrete pathway in connection with the toilet task.
The Booking Hall dealt with the weekly accountancy work and made strides in our determination to get the Duffield operation on a proper footing for 2012. This is in terms of properly accounting for our sales there and providing a new level of "customer" service.