Thursday, 5 April 2012

Progress Thursday 5th April 2012

Dear all
After yesterday's white out today turned out to be pleasant and sunny at times allowing life to continue normally. The dmu team were thick on the ground preparing, washing and fuelling the fleet for the four days of Easter. They also achieved quite a landmark event by starting one engine on the Class 119 50173 that had last come to life in 1993, a remarkable achievement towards the final restoration of this vehicle. The Steam Experience clients were ably hosted by Mick and Hylton and expressed delight in their time with us with the afternoon session seeing a whole line tour.
Before the Steam Experience got underway I asked Richard B and Tom T to conduct a complete line examination ahead of tomorrow's train service in view of the snow and high winds. This was successfully undertaken with no problems encountered. Richard then went on to progress the lonely job of collecting chairs for the Shottle loop project.
Some finishing work on the Buffet counter was done but a fault on the water heater leaves us with unsatisfactory solutions over the Easter weekend. Nonetheless, the Pullman Buffet proved to be a winner today with trade building up from our volunteers and occasional visitors suggesting the seven day opening may be a winner for us.
Anton undertook his pre-event signing programme at various sites along approach roads to Wirksworth and Richard P came in to top up the Multicar's weed treatment container ready for its next excursion. Significant progress by the DTT allowed the christening of the first new toilet and its opening in time for the upcoming weekend. It would be embarrassing to mention the first client but only to say he was a former resident of Barnsley.
The Booking Hall continued valuable work processing group bookings and preparing Pullman Buffet Car menus.
I also should mention yesterday's heroes that included the Pullman Buffet Car staff who amazingly served a family of four that had braved the appalling conditions and Leigh, in the Booking Hall. who continued working until he could reset the server and webcams. We also held meetings with a customer who is planning an event for salesmen and the Guerrilla Gardeners who are anxious to develop their activities at Wirksworth.
Lastly, for those of you who haven't seen the complete Pullman line up a photo is attached showing their magnificence.