Thursday, 26 April 2012

Progress Thursday 26th April 2012

Dear all
The continuation of the most unpleasant weather would dampen all but the most hardy souls. However, today's attendees demonstrated true grit as they advanced the cause of our enterprise. (should be able to enter an appropriate sound clip at this stage). The PWT dealt with a "twist" in the track at Platform 2 at Wirksworth detected by the track recording trolley and also fettled the ballast on the Incline affected by the activities of the Railvac machine. The Incline also benefited from a track patrol and some order was restored to the Tool Van. I omitted to mention the track patrol from Duffield to Idridgehay yesterday that also were drenched in the process.
The dmu team descended in force as they prepared the service train for the weekend. A leaking roof in the centre car was fixed and 51505 had final mechanical attention prior to its return it service. Fuelling also took place for the weekend which always causes me to twitch but they were relatively modest in their demands.
VCT continued to attend to the fencing at Hazelwood station with Hingleys supplying the materials and generally advising and guiding on the standard of finish. A tree was felled at the south end of their patch to ensure the fenceline was perfect.
The DTT reported that on Tuesday their team grew to four and accomplished much painting and plumbing followed up today by further interior painting. When the painting has been completed the last part of the task is to tile the floors. I think it is fair to say we will have the finest toilets in Derbyshire within a few days further work.
The Booking Hall and Buffet Car plied their trade to a small audience today.
My congratulations go out to every one who has continued with our project this week in the most unpleasant conditions.
PS On my return from Glasgow Tuesday I travelled Glasgow to Birmingham and then joined a Cross Country service from Birmingham to Derby encountering an old friend, "Virgin Dave", now "Cross Country Dave". An early painter of all our mileposts and Gatwick Express bogies. It reminded me that today's drivers wear smart suits and are definitely kings of the road, deservedly so given the responsibility for several hundred people.Nonetheless, Dave will be back amongst us before long and at least will "whistle up" as he hares through Duffield.