Thursday, 12 April 2012

Progress Thursday 12th April 2012

Dear all
The great event of the day was welcoming our second visit from UK Railtours that involved a large number of our team providing a range of facilities. A slight bottom clenching moment as the three car set wouldn't maintain air pressure before departure to Duffield resolved in Graham's inimitable style that allowed the day to proceed seamlessly. Meanwhile No3 and brakevan together with Iris were readied along with the miniature railway, narrow gauge, evra shop, Company shop, Pullman Buffet Car and model railway.
The whole event that attracted 137 people to Wirksworth was a most successful, profitable and pleasant day. My thanks go out to all our team who pitched in and made it happen not forgetting the two that ensured Gorsey Bank and Idridgehay gates were open for non stop runs between Wirksworth and Duffield and the on board trolley team that added that extra ingredient to the day.
In the background a dmu team replaced a Guards window on the Class 108 and dealt with a leaking roof on the Class 119. The EVRA team achieved a connection between the water tank on the Incline and the newly positioned rail tank north of Cemetery Lane bridge. This will help us ensure water for our steam engines is much more accessible and stress free.
The VCT were constrained by today's trains but achieved the required fencing at Duffield for the disabled toilet access.
Another day that showed our Railway at its best.