Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Progress Report Tuesday the 24th of April 2012

Dear all,,

Another fine day here in Narnia, a shame the only thing for dinner is
Mrs Beaver's cooking, oh, well. A word of thanks to all those who so
ably stood by their posts this afternoon.

Around the Railway the main action of the day featured p-way, or at
least that part of it not waiting for the line to clear of our friends
Nifty Lift and their machine under test. A number of concrete sleepers
were loaded, and various base plates were removed from sleepers at
Gorsey Bank, all this in furtherance of the Shottle Loop Project, which
has our full attention at the present time. In addition a small panel of
track was assembled for despatch to Huntingdon: our fame clearly having
spread as far as the East of England.

Back in the yard, the LMSCA fixed another two floor panels into the LMS
Brake Third, and we look forward to being able to walk the entire length
of this carriage without the underframe giving us the vertigo, in a very
soon moment.

South of Hazelwood, the VCT proceeded with their many endeavours in
clearing and fencing the line and the improvement is indeed most obvious.

Around the station, the Filing Fairy continued to fill ever-decreasing
gaps in our staff files, and if we keep asking people about their
paperwork, this is of necessity.

The Ladies Toilet began to receive an interior repaint and June modelled
a very tasteful line in ladies paintwear today from the haute couture
department of B&Q.

All the best,