Sunday, 29 April 2012

Progress Report Sunday the 29th April 2012

Dear all,

What a foul day, we were not so much damp as completely drenched. The
persistent rain coupled with high winds, and rain for the last two
weeks, has resulted in sodden ground, and although our lineside is
remarkably clear thanks to the considerable efforts of the Vegetation
Clearance Team, nevertheless we had two trees down on the line today
from neighbouring ground: one at Shottle cleared by the Third Man, Ben
Hoskins, with the on-board tool, and a rather larger one south of
Idridgehay at bridge DJW 12 which obstructed the line to the extent that
a delay of nearly twenty minutes was experienced to the down service.
However, the tree was addressed by the heroic Ben with his heroic tool,
and reinforcements were despatched by horseless carriage to Idridgehay
to render assistance.

The day had begun in the usual calm way although the buffet staff
arrived a twinge too promptly for a Sunday morning, even though this was
obviously in the interests of an early breakfast. The DMU team dashed
off down the yard after a couple of hours of additional rest and fitted
some corner pieces to the class 119 windows, but were recalled on
several occasions to fix dicky wipers on the service train.

Meanwhile, Nathan was spending some time in the Ladies, and this venue
has now received an excellent repaint to the walls and ceiling, with a
little finishing work to be done on the floor shortly. Paint was also
being applied in a rather more haphazard way by the Duty Conscript to
the interior of the south weighbridge, as well as grease being applied
to several non-working parts in there to assist with their removal. Once
this was done the Duty Conscript retired to the Mess Room to dry off and
proceeded to stuff the best part of 200 envelopes for an upcoming
leaflet mail out. The staff at Duffield attempted to stem the vast
inflow of water to a certain recent building and several items of
furniture are now drying out in front of Rodney's fire.

A 10 mph TSR is imposed between Idridgehay Station and Idridgehay Down
Distant: pending inspection of the railings and parapet of bridge DJW 12.

All the best,