Sunday, 22 April 2012

Progress Report Sunday the 22nd of April 2012

Dear all,

A day of rather predictable showers, which naturally cleared up to
pleasant sunshine once the trains had gone. However, we were cheerfully
busy, notably with two parties of historic cars of various kinds both
having a rally and visiting us in the process.

Various activities were taking place around the yard, the class 20 was
receiving routine maintenance, as was the Catering set, as indeed was
steam locomotive No 3.

South of Wash Green Bridge Nathan found himself rather overtaken by a
phantom roofer in the form of the Duty Conscript who didn't really want
to leave. This must be a record in itself. Anyway, good progress was
made on the South Weighbridge which will presently become a small
workshop for the station.

The main event of the day, after a great deal of screwing (it says here)
was the out-shopping of railcar 51505 after its internal refit, it now
has wonderous new seats and can't have looked so good for the best part
of 30 years. The DMU team is now looking forward the seriously getting
to grips with the class 119 vehicle which is little more than a shell
apart, from the occasional work report in these annals.

A reminder to all drivers of the Standing Order of the 12th June 2010, a
copy of which remains on the Mess Room Noticeboard: "Stopping Distances
at Gorsey Bank Crossing". Please ensure you comply with this Order at
all times.

I leave you now for an urgent appointment at the Shanghai Emporium.

All the best,