Sunday, 1 April 2012

Progress Report Sunday the 1st April 2012

Dear all,

What a pleasant day: it was deeply blissful here in the socialist
republic of Wirksworth. The train service pottered up and down in our
usual quietly efficient way, with no sheep on the line to trouble our
timely passage, but spring lambs in the fields apparently proved quite
entertaining for our passengers, some of whom broke into song on the way.

At Duffield the Station Foreman undertook the application of anti-weed
spray between trains and ordered a new tie. Back at base, the DMU team
varnished assorted parts of the class 119, attended to its vestibule
doors, attached trim and made serious attempts to coax the long dormant
engines into life. At the south end of the station Nathan almost
single-handedly worked on the weighbridge and very excellent progress
was made there.

The key feature of the day though was an extraordinary sequence of
passenger feedback, which appeared to have been brought on by the sunshine:

"That was absolutely charming - we will see you again soon..."
"What wonderful old posters you have on the front of the station..."
"Isn't this a sweet little waiting room..."
"We're from Croydon. You're really friendly here..."
"What lovely pansies you have at this railway.."
"Here's a donation. Ben gave us a really good show..."

So there you have it. I'm off now to that famous hostelry, the Whore and
Trumpet (A Marston's House), to rest my astonishment.

All the best,