Sunday, 15 April 2012

Progress Report Sunday the 15th of April 2012

Dear all,

Quite a pleasant sunny day, though with rather a chilly wind blowing
through our parts. The passenger service ran cheerfully up and down in
its leisurely way: a coach party from Altrincham had the full experience
and were most complimentary about the line, the friendliness of the
staff and the tidiness of the Railway in general, having first exhausted
the buffet's supplies of bacon and brie paninis.

Down the yard the DMU team carried on with the seat fitting to unit
515015 and later scraped the gutters of Iris, one of those obscure
routine tasks which stops it raining down your neck when you get into a
carriage. Also down the yard, the Duty Conscript applied several bags of
ash as ballast to the pointwork cribs at Cemetery Lane to bring the
level up to the sleeper tops, where it should rightly be. Further
tidying up of the Swedish Piles took place in the car park.

Around the station, the recently arrived Information Room received its
first undercoat, prior to a repaint into our usual colours of maroon and
cream. At the south end of the station the two Nathans also applied the
first coat of paint to the interior of the South Weighbridge.

All the best,