Friday, 13 April 2012

Progress Report Friday the 13th of April 2012

Dear all,

In the absence of higher powers (they being in the land of boulangeries)
it falls to yours truly to report on today's Wonderment of Wirksworth.
The main business of the day being two driver experiences, one for the
class 20 and one for steam engine No3. In both cases our guests had come
from far-flung corners of the known universe and enjoyed themselves in a
major way, ably hosted by a fine array of our enginemen.

A modest amount of other work took place around the site, with the
continuing re-organisation of the Booking Hall seeing the food and
beverage provision being despatched to the buffet and replaced by many
remarkable sales items: "My God, where did that come from?", as one
passer-by asked, looking at one of our Phil Tarry branded money boxes.
This was accompanied by the erection of some new signs; also by the
transmission of a vast amount of our leaflets to the Heritage Centre by
the miracle of the Passenger Department's horseless carriage, and the
general entertainment of assorted visitors who came between showers.

Down the yard, the grunting emanating from the class 108 proved to be a
result of various members of the DMU team on the floor of that vehicle
engaged in screwing the newly arrived and delightfully re-upholstered 3
bay seats to the frames.

All the best,