Friday, 6 April 2012

Progress Good Friday 6th April 2012

Dear all
Traditional Easter weather today with a chill to the air but we were spared rain. My thanks go out to everyone who participated in delivering our scheduled trains, the Booking Halls at either end of the line, the narrow gauge operation, opening of the Model Railway, the much appreciated on train trolley service and the well received catering products. It was all appreciated by today's passengers and a modest contribution to our finances has been achieved.
The day demonstrated the value of a proving run on the Incline as the said run discovered a tree across the line. All departments responded to this emergency and we only lost one scheduled run to Ravenstor and again thanks are due to all that participated. The other slightly bizarre start to the day was the inability to get into our new splendid Booking Hall at Duffield as the combination lock had failed. Thanks are due to David N and Mick T for coming to the rescue. The positive side of the new arrangements at Duffield was a perfect balance of tickets sold with the cash taken which I can tell you is a significant step forward.
The engineers progressed the woodwork within the interior of the Class 117 unit and undertaking mysterious, to me, technical things on the Class 33. Graham and Mick T took the opportunity of the majority of our oil axle box based wagon fleet being located at Wirksworth to give them an annual check up, top up the oil, drain any water and repair brake rigging damaged over the previous 12 months.
There was a lot of housekeeping jobs undertaken at Wirksworth together with a little light gardening. The need to prepare our mail out of the Annual Accounts by stuffing envelopes and labelling them occupied any soul with nothing specific to do! Around 40% were dealt with today but if you do turn up over the next three days without a duty be prepared! My thanks to the willing today.
The Derby & District Amateur Radio Society will be operating a Radio Station at Duffield tomorrow and Monday. They will be using the most appropriate call sign G2DJ to celebrate the first anniversary of the full line opening of our line. They hope to contact other Radio Stations around the world.