Saturday, 11 February 2012

Progress Saturday 11th February Part 2

Dear all,

In addition to the words from Martin, here is a summary of other progress.

The DMU team progressed on several fronts. Work to get to the cause of the faulty handbrake on the 117 progressed with further stripping down of the area around the handbrake column. A difficult task as everything is awkward to get to! Behind this, work progressed on the body panels on the bubble car with rust treatment being applied to cab areas that haven't been replaced and new metal being added to the top.

A third front, and possibly the most exciting, is that the Class 119 had the newly wired throttle and gear controllers successfully tested. This is the first time the cab controls have worked in this vehicle since 1993 (some 19 years)! This is a major morale-boosting step forward.

Elsewhere, the Passenger Department took the opportunity to do some staff refreshers on various roles that they perform, ready for the new operating season to begin at the start of next month.

Mike Evans via Leigh