Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Progress Wednesday 4th January 2012

Dear all
The great success of today was choreographed by our Dear Leader of the PWT making maximum use of the locomotive available to him. Some 70 sleepers were dropped off to be exchanged for life expired versions between Gorsey Bank and Idridgehay, scrap was recovered from various locations for conversion into cash, life expired sleepers were added to the great sleeper resting place south of Hazelwood and the de luxe S&T van was positioned outside the planned toilet facility at Duffield. "Smalls" and garden quality sleepers were loaded for transport to Wirksworth, a lone concrete sleeper recovered from Postern Lodge and more defective ones from Shottle North Junction. All this together with a load of logs delivered to Shottle for sale and the collection of chairs and baseplates accumulated by the VCT at Hazelwood represents a tremendous achievement for the team.
Back at base the lone Carriage Cleaner, aided by son and heir, stripped the Santa train of decorations and gave the three car set a good clean. Son and heir then went onto achieve more work fencing the picnic area. The Filing Fairy was also in attendance pursuing the ever necessary updating and adding to our records. Husband of Filing Fairy presented the first draft of a Structure Management Plan as we prepare for the transition from Network Rail, whenever that may come.
There was progress on the temporary steam shed and the Booking Hall responded to demands for statistics and preparation for the first of our 2012 galas.
A surprising and short conversation took place with our supplier of track components. In response to "where are you" the reply was "Mexico" - no wonder prices have risen through 2011!
I was also introduced into a little know fact - the expiry date of all crisp packets is a Saturday. Look in your cupboard and see if this is true!