Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Progress Wednesday 25th January 2012

Dear all
The delight today was to welcome a mytesttrack customer who will also be with us tomorrow. They have been ably hosted by Mick Thomas for quite a long day and will welcome their customers to a demonstration tomorrow. This is the first "real" MTT customer we have had for some time and their visit coincided with another potential client who, if all goes well, will occupy us for most days in March. It is all very warming.
The Second Open had its roof completed as it moves towards the Pullman image and work progressed on the enlargement of the EVRA shop following the acquisition of a separate Information Centre. The lone Carriage Cleaner was not alone today being joined by Eric as they gave the Santa set a deep clean. Will he return to this essential but largely unloved task to keep the lone Carriage Cleaner company?
The DTT inserted the second door lintel in the new Duffield toilet block and much research was undertaken to source all the necessary fittings a minimal cost. Nonetheless, this project is likely to absorb some £5,000 and, even at this price, is a saving on hiring portaloos.
The PWT were active at Shottle with four panels of the loop line secured with spikes or eclips as appropriate and fishplated up. The Booking Hall continued the good work of taking and making the arrangements for the increasing group bookings flowing in this year.
A very nice and touching touch to our activities was a report from Paul that he had noticed the Heage Windmill volunteers were appealing for apple wood. In the VCT's felling activities two mature apple trees have been felled and, at the request of Heage, have been logged into 3ft lengths and transported to Hazelwood for collection tomorrow. The wood will be stored for some years and apparently, when ready, are used in the gearing of the windmill. Given the late lamented Colin Blower divided his time between us and the windmill it is a great association of his two loves.
The last two days have seen encouraging support for the enterprise by our shareholders giving much needed lift to our immediate aspirations. We also spotted a group in a white transit van that seem to be taking a great interest in batteries. The registration number has been stored should there be any unplanned activity in this area.
Another very good day.