Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Progress Wednesday 18th January 2012

Dear all
Another rather dizzy day with Amey bringing in a SRS mobile platform to assess Duffield Tunnel and the Duffield footbridge all ably hosted by Tom Tait on our behalf. Also Network Rail's contractors were rather unexpectedly continuing vegetation clearance around the only road underbridge we have at the Sewage Works to facilitate ongoing bridge inspections. All this activity is most welcome as we develop our own structure management plan with the help of today's players.
The PWT had to work around the bridge activities but managed to deliver many components for the Duffield toilet project and deal with sleepers for the Shottle loop and associated fittings. A further burn of life expired sleepers was a feature of the day together with a delivery of logs to Shottle for sale. They also transported the portaloo located at Idridgehay for Santa to Duffield which is not the most popular of jobs.
Weather conditions inhibited the painting of the former Gatwick Express second open but all the doors have been prepared for their new colour of umber. The lone carriage cleaner concentrated on the condition of some of our catering fan heaters and air circulators and the Filing Fairy was very active in our record keeping demands.
The Booking Hall processed three group and party bookings as prospects fro the year ahead look most encouraging.
PS A pleasant phone call from Alex who has played a part in the PWT for a few years and now resides in Sussex to confirm he has passed his NVQ in permanent way work which reflects great credit on him and his various EVR tutors.