Thursday, 5 January 2012

Progress Thursday 5th January 2012

Dear all
Another spectacular day with a shunt involving a great deal of our rolling stock to place the new Pullman Buffet Car in the bay platform and arrange for the former Gatwick Express First Open to enter the Maintenance Facility. This took up the whole day for Hylton, Mike Evans and Bob Green who deserve great credit for performing the delicate manovres with skill. Amongst their tasks was the positioning of The Duke and adjacent Plate wagon for the lifting of its water tank on Monday. The reward was to see the Buffet Car in all its glory back in the bay platform ready for internal modifications necessary for the 2012 season.
A two man PWT visited our supplier of track components, the one left after the rest had relocated to Mexico, and collected sufficient material to complete the "jointing" of the former long welded track. They then went on to stow these parts in the Tool Van at Shottle for use over the next few weeks.
The dmu team were out in force to replace a broken drop light in Iris with a replacement from stock. Not a straight forward task but successfully achieved. The Down side drivers door lock was refurbished on E50599 to ensure there on no further problems with its secure closure.
The station at North Pole has returned to its normal guise as Idridgehay and we just have the task of returning the Portaloo to Wirksworth to restore the station to its normal status.
The VCT managed a five strong team and examined the track between Idridgehay and Duffield to ensure the line was unobstructed. It has to said that their work over the years has ensured we had no problems and, having had a look at the national network site where falling trees had affected many routes, they have ensured we remain safe from this sort of problem. They managed further clearance south of Old Lane Bridge, a routine check and clearance of the culvert just north of the bridge and had a warming two fires.
The Bubble Car renovation proceeds apace with major renewal around the Down side guards door.
Another very good day and I attach a photo of the new vista on Platform 2.