Thursday, 19 January 2012

Progress Thursday 18th January 2011

Dear all
The day started somewhat strangely as, apart from a lone VCT member joined by a lone PW member, the tumbleweed was blowing gently across the platforms and I felt I would have to report on the lowest productivity ever! However, as the day passed by it was clear that the usual scale of endeavour was in progress at various locations along the line.
A major event was day one of the DTT who commenced the interior partitioning of the former Vodaphone building setting this project underway. The former Gatwick Express Second Open received most of the splendid white roof that it will sport in its new guise with that part of the project due for completion tomorrow. The dmu team made further progress with the interior of 51505 and the new first class carpet looks really good. The "Bubble Car" had further work in what has become quite a major refurbishment that will deliver an excellent end product for us.
The PWT had decamped to Shottle preparing three panels for the loop and burning yet more life expired sleepers. The VCT did spring into action achieving their normal clearance of the lineside south of Old Lane bridge.
Castings that have been made from patterns provided from No3 are now made allowing No 3's originals to return to base. It is thought that metal pouring may take place next week to move Henry Ellison forward. I have to say we are grateful to Bob Gibbens for facilitating all this involving some 100 miles round trip to deliver and collect the parts at his own expense!
Work also started on the project to reconfigure the interior of the Pullman Buffet Car and we will receive further advice tomorrow from the local authority to ensure our plans fit in with their aspirations.
Not a bad day again.
PS - All the activities reported recently are having quite an impact on our meagre finances and I attach another plea to our loyal shareholders to help us move forward. If you are not a shareholder I would urge you consider whether you can help and if this is quite an ask perhaps consideration of the Share Save scheme may be possible and relatively painless. All the necessary forms are available on our web site.