Sunday, 22 January 2012

Progress Sunday the 22nd of January 2012

Dear all,

A day of high winds in the Ecclesbourne Valley saw us receive several
donations, including a very large blue UFO, which proved to be a
trampoline, deposited in the yard next to the Paint Store this morning,
rather to our surprise. Its owners duly came to collect it this evening.
Last week we "received" a bicycle at Wash Green Bridge, and if any of
our esteemed neighbours have lost a child-sized purple bike (in good
condition) they may joyfully reclaim it as their own by letting us know
the make, which is written on it. Our general policy regarding lost
property is that items are kept for a year and a day and if not
reclaimed then disposed of. Clearly many of our younger people like
riding bikes and Connor in particular is reputed to have ridden the
station bike at Preston.

A great deal of other activity has taken place around the yard. The
Embankment Garden has been weeded. The new Information Room has
continued to be fitted out. The LMS brake van has progressed as far as
its doors and is now quite cozy. The monthly safety checks were carried
out by the windswept Safety Officer and we are declared compliant for
the present moment. The DMU team, who are now able to give the class 119
their full attention, spent the day chipping yet more of the foul orange
Formica from that vehicle's vestibule and have been repairing the window
trims as well.

In general we have had yet another day of major woodwork, with repairs
to the Community Garden bench, which was duly returned to its high
vantage point, and the rest of us have been doing pre-fabricating work
and are now suffering from Sawyer's Elbow and Driller's Armpit, which
can only be resolved by the application of embrocation.

All the best,